Liner Systems

chimney liner systems

Most chimneys are lined with clay flue tiles, which can easily crack. When that happens, your safety is put at risk: fires make these cracks expand and allows smoke to become trapped in those voids, increasing the chances of a chimney fire.

At London Chimney, we can reline your chimney with either stainless steel or ceramic liners. These liners seal the entire vertical run of your fireplace so that the by-products of wood-burning (soot and creosote), the exhaust from the fire and any sparks that might be created, to fully leave your home.  We will also make sure that the Smoke Chamber is completed sealed and will fully and properly insulate as needed.

We use only the best quality industry products; Bernard Dalson Stainless Steel Liners being one of them. We can also reline your furnace and hot water heater if blockages are appearing in the pipes.

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