Chimney Repair and Restoration

Firepace MasonsAt London Chimney, our masons are skilled in complete chimney repair and restoration. We believe that chimney restoration is a craft. We use a combination of artistry and technology to make sure that your fireplace/chimney looks – and functions – how you want it to.

Chimney Repair Services

Like anything else, chimneys break down and need repair every now and then. Our masons are the best in the business, skilled in all kinds of chimney repairs.


These include:

  • Removal and replacement of brick: Bricks can, and do, deteriorate over time. Here in Minnesota they are exposed to many different elements – cold, heat, rain, sleet, snow and ice.  These changes can lead to brick deterioration, the most common being “spalling” brick where the fronts of the brick can crumble and become pitted.  Sometimes, the bricks get so worn they just fall out.  We can remove the deteriorated brick and replace with new brick to match (or closely match) your existing brick chimney.
  • Crown repairs: We, at London Chimney, refer to the exterior cement top of the chimney as the “Chimney Crown.” If it is cracked and has flaws, it’s vital that you repair it before it leads to further damage of the crown itself or the entire chimney.  Sometimes the damage is minor and we can recommend applying a sealant; thereby, saving the entire cement top and just addressing the minor cracks.  But, sometimes a more extensive repair is needed and that’s when our masons can come out and construct a beautiful, new overhanging crown – which will not only look good but will add protection to the rest of the chimney.
  • Repair of leaky chimneys: There are a lot of reasons your chimney might be leaking. We’ll inspect your fireplace to determine where your leak is coming from and take care of the problem. Whether your chimney needs a chimney cap, repair, or new flashing, we can help!
  • Chimney reliningChimney liners are crucial to providing safety to you and your home. The purpose of a flue liner is to draft the by-products of wood-burning (soot and creosote), the gases/exhaust and any sparks produced from the fire out of your home.  If there are any voids, gaps or cracks inside the liner, the fireplace is not a “sealed” or “secure” venting system and according to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) code 211, it must be replaced.There are options for relining, Ceramic Resurfacing and Stainless Steel installment.  We will work with you and educate you as to which one is best for your fireplace and chimney.
  • Full chimney building and rebuilding:  Whether your chimney is beyond repair…or you’re hoping to add a new one, we can help. Our masons are craftsmen and are skilled with all types of materials: brick and mortar, and even cultured stone!
  • Installation of gas or wood fireplace inserts: Why buy a fireplace from an overpriced showroom? You can order them through us, and we’ll take care of the installation! Click here to learn more.

At London Chimney, we want you to fully understand what we’re doing. We provide free estimates and take the time to explain, in detail, why the repair or rebuild should occur and what you can expect for a final product. You can trust us to repair and restore your chimney so that it looks great and works as it should!

Chimney Repair Products

At London Chimney, we value safety and quality. That’s why we use only leading industry products in our repairs and restorations.

Chim-a-latorHere are a few of the products we use and why we love them!

  • Chim-a-Lator: We use the Chim-a-Lator stainless steel damper, which easily mounts on top of a fireplace flue and is operated by an adjustable regulator installed on the side.
  • Aerolator: A fire requires oxygen to fuel it. Typically, a fire uses the oxygen in your home to fuel the fire. This is heated air that you have paid for.  Why pay for air when you can get it for free! The Aerolator regulates and utilizes outside air to fuel your fire. Installation of the Aerolator is helpful on costing down the cost of your heating bill.
  • Chimney Rain Caps: Chimney rain caps keep rain, birds and animals out of your chimney. We use stainless steel caps and have standard sizes (8×13 and 13×13) in stock. If it’s an unusual size, we can special order it for you and then install it once it arrives to our shop.
  • CrownCoat: CrownCoat is a permanently flexible, waterproof sealant that keeps your chimney crown free from water intrusion. It has a 15 year warranty and is an industry standard.

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